Accessibility Public
Method GET
URI /Destiny/{membershipType}/Account/{destinyMembershipId}/Character/{characterId}/Progression/

Summary Edit

Returns progression information for a given Destiny character.[1]

Path Parameters Edit

Name Description


A valid non-BungieNet membership type.


Destiny membership ID.


A valid characterId that is associated with the given account.

Query String Parameters Edit

Name Description


Include definitions in the response; true or false.

JSON POST Parameters Edit

Name Description

Example Edit

Request Edit

Response Edit

    "Response": {
        "data": {
            "progressions": [
                    "dailyProgress": -5,
                    "weeklyProgress": 0,
                    "currentProgress": 11,
                    "level": 0,
                    "step": 0,
                    "progressToNextLevel": 11,
                    "nextLevelAt": 50,
                    "progressionHash": 3122728759
            "levelProgression": {
                "dailyProgress": 30221,
                "weeklyProgress": 397956,
                "currentProgress": 11734708,
                "level": 146,
                "step": 0,
                "progressToNextLevel": 54708,
                "nextLevelAt": 80000,
                "progressionHash": 2030054750
            "baseCharacterLevel": 20,
            "isPrestigeLevel": true,
            "factionProgressionHash": 2778795080,
            "percentToNextLevel": 0
    "ErrorCode": 1,
    "ThrottleSeconds": 0,
    "ErrorStatus": "Success",
    "Message": "Ok",
    "MessageData": {

References Edit


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